Food News. The beloved TV presenter turns her hobby into an appetizing career. Here’s something we didn’t expect: Moderator and presenter Corrin Gidon is getting into the food business, and she’s not doing it alone. Whoever is among Gidon’s 142,000 followers on Instagram, could not ignore the various dishes and dishes she uploads to her stories, and now we understand why, this hobby has become a profession. Gidon and her husband, Chily Sorotskin, opened “Sorotskin Jewish Deli”, which you already understand, a new deli.

The food entrusted to his brother David Sorotskin’s brother, Chily’s brother and Gidon’s brother-in-law, will be home-cooked Jewish food, the kind we like to eat at the table on Friday and Saturday afternoons with the family. Among the various dishes that can be ordered: a pot of cholent with meat at a cost of NIS 190, a pot of cholent without meat at NIS 160, a challah of Viznitz for NIS 20, a kugel potato potato for NIS 20, herring from Tias Hot red for 36 shekels.
In addition to the mains, there is also a selection of salads: potato salad with kalamata olives, healthy beets, pickled kohlrabi, red horseradish, sauerkraut and a selection of salads for 21 shekels each. Lemon eggplant, eggplant and sweet potato in chili, hot pepper and garlic fire and a selection of special salads for NIS 24 each.

And now, before you plan on closing a table in the place, we will tell you that at the moment there are no seats but a pick-up from the center of Tel Aviv or an order all over the country and only on Fridays by phone and Instagram. For the holidays, it will be possible to order a selection of different dishes respectively.
Gidon announced her new business in a post where she wrote: “Close friends already know, it’s time for you to get to know our new baby too! For years I have been saying that Jewish food is the most delicious there is … especially on Saturday! So now we bring it to you ❤️ Quality, Clean and perfect for the whole weekend.”

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