The relationship between Corrin Gidon and Chily Sorotzkin brought quite a few new things to the life of the presenter, who has since come significantly closer to religion, but the next step managed to surprise even us: the two launched a Jewish deli, and you too can taste kugel and gefilte fish. After so many years of acquaintance, we were sure we knew every possible aspect of Corrin Gidon’s life – the thriving career as a presenter, the exciting relationship with Chily Sorotzkin and being a woman in the industry who is not afraid to speak her mind publicly (even if not everyone agrees).

So how surprised were we to find out about the new business she and her partner have opened in recent weeks? The answer is very much, especially of the fact that this is a place that will sell Jewish food in Tel Aviv to the general public and is called by the family of the two – “Sorotskin Jewish Deli”. 
“Close friends already know, it’s time for you to get to know our new baby too! For years I have been saying that Jewish food is the most delicious there is, especially on Saturday! So now we bring it to you. Quality, clean and closes a corner for you all weekend!”.

Although the place does not physically exists, at least not in the form of a restaurant, customers order food according to a menu well in advance and come to collect the order on Fridays for the benefit of their Shabbat meals. The venture was set up by Korin, Chily and his brother, who are also responsible for cooking the food, and together they bring Jewish food to the big city. So if you’re interested in cholent, quiche, gefilte fish, kugel and chopped liver – you know what your new address is.

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