The star and her husband, Chily Sorotskin, are opening a branch of their Jewish food deli in New York, the American version, “The Kiddush Club”, that will work in the form of deliveries only and will offer Jewish and kosher, Ashkenazi and Sephardi homemade food, of all kinds.

TV presenter and entertainment woman Corrin Gidon, who among her many occupations also owns a successful Jewish food deli, announced today (Monday) to her followers on Instagram that a new branch of the deli will open in a particularly surprising destination – New York. The couple’s deli, where you can find Jewish and kosher food for Shabbat, of all types and species, in deliveries only, is very successful here in Israel and the couple will try to recreate the same success in the new branch in New York.

The Kiddush Club – Name of the American deli will also operate in the same concept, ie only in deliveries, and will offer everything that is needed for the Shabbat table from next Friday, from salads like egg salad and chopped liver, challah, the famous layered eggplant dish and a variety of Jewish, Ashkenazi and Sephardic dishes, such as ‘Valent, Gefilte Fish, Matbucha and Lahmajon).

Deliveries will be available on Fridays to the Five Districts, and if you are lucky and you are in New York, you can order right away.

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