It doesn’t matter if your roots are from Morocco or Poland, enjoy the Jewish experience that Kiddush Club has to offer! — Corrin Gidon/CEO

About Us

It all started in Israel in 2016, when Corrin Gidon, one of the most well-known Israeli TV anchors, met Yehiel, a former New York yeshiva student with family roots in the Eastern European shtetl. In their first culinary venture, Corrin and Yehiel launched the first Jewish deli that continues to deliver hamish Jewish food for Shabbat to thousands of Israelis every week

Why Should You choose us?

Thanks to his religious background and her influence and initiative, they have introduced traditional and special styles of Jewish cooking to many Israelis. Their menu includes Ashkenaz dishes (Chulent, Chopped Liver, Gefilte fish) and Sefardic dishes (Moroccan fish, Matbucha, Couscous, lachmagun, Kube) and of course the holy Challah.

Following their tremendous success in Israel, Yehiel and Corrin have come to America and are now launching – THE KIDDUSH CLUB where you and your family can experience both a traditional and exotic Shabbat dinner in New York City